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Directed by: Jaehee Cho 0 | 7 min.

Section: HIFF XR Showcase

Premiere: Hawaii Premiere

Countries: South Korea, United States


Genres: Documentary


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In this VR experience, guests will get an first person view of what the Haenyeo endure in their age-defying lifestyle. The guest will see them forage for abalone, sea urchin and other shellfish, diving while holding their breath for up to a minute at a time. They will witness them pray in traditional ceremonies. They will experience a fascinating culture that these women keep alive in the face of a changing world. Weaving together voice-over of Haenyeo prayers, folk songs and audio interviews with documentary VR footage, the guest will experience this rich culture that seems both modern, in its female agency, and traditional, in its methods, that is fast disappearing in modern Korea, in the transformative medium of Virtual Reality Each act will reflect on a distinct force, from Earth through Space, that reflects the interconnected and deeply grounded Haenyeo traditions.

*This experience is available to watch in 360 online, or can be played on a VR headset for an immersive experience.

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Cast & Crew

Sound Design and Mix Larry Yu-Cheng Chang
Animator Kyung Kuk Kim, Na-Yeon Kim
Director Jaehee Cho
Co-Producer Sarabeth Boak, Ralph Vituccio
Cinematographer Jaehee Cho, Jusin Kim, Y.Zin Kim
Editor Jaehee Cho
Narrator Jacqui Rossi
Music Composer Wonji Lee
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