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Completed in: 2020 | 0 min.

Section: HIFF XR Showcase

Countries: United States

Languages: English



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From the Spanish colonization of Tongva land to the ongoing urbanization of Los Angeles, both plant and human communities have been uprooted and exterminated without acknowledgement. REQUIEM FOR LOST PLANTS calls for reversing death: let us begin the de-construction of the past by honoring the voices of plant elders lost, in order to move toward interspecies re-generation and co-survival. We will resurrect five lost ancestral plants at urbanized culprit sites around Los Angeles. Each plant will be reconstructed as a 3D model and sound composition based on data complexities at the soil, root, stem, and flower levels. They will be brought together in a virtual online space, sounding a collective requiem of networked conversation undisturbed by human interference.

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Executive Producer Alexander Kaye, Alice Yuan Zhang
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