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Japan 2020 | 105 min.
Spotlight on Japan | Coming of Age, Drama, Romance

Quirky, bubbly high school student Haruko longs for romance, or even a first kiss. Shy Kenichi is confused about life, and love, causing him to suddenly drop out of school. When the two collide in a...

Nov 5th 10:00 AM - Nov 29th 11:45 PM  | ONLINE ACCESS

China 2019 | 131 min.
Spotlight on China | Drama, Romance, Science Fiction

From director Dong Runnian, and starring Huang Bo, GONE WITH THE LIGHT, is a story of change and profound self-reflection. When a mysterious light appears in a Chinese city causing people to suddenly...

Nov 5th 10:00 AM - Nov 29th 11:45 PM  | ONLINE ACCESS

United States 2020 | 10 min.
Made in Hawaii Shorts | Drama, Romance

Jose, an elderly Filipino man struggles with the decision to put his ailing wife Pacita in a care home for her advancing dementia. 

Nov 5th 10:00 AM - Nov 29th 11:45 PM  | ONLINE ACCESS

Sat, Nov 07 - 2:00PM  Consolidated Ward

Sat, Nov 07 - 5:00PM  Consolidated Ward

Sun, Nov 29 - 12:01AM  NOV 5 - 29 | ON DEMAND ONLINE

Sun, Nov 29 - 2:00PM  Consolidated Ward

Taiwan ROC 2020 | 102 min.
Spotlight on Taiwan | Drama, Romance

Po-ching is isolated by others who perceive him as quirky. But, his social life is actually hindered by his diagnosed OCD. This changes when Po-ching finds Chen Ching who also struggles with human...

Sun, Nov 22 - 8:00PM  Consolidated Mililani


Taiwan ROC 2020 | 115 min.
Spotlight on Taiwan | Drama, Romance

Taiwanese superstars Gwei Lun-mei and Yo Yang star in the directorial debut of award-winning screenwriter Chang Yao-sheng (A SUN). Gwei and Yang play a couple, who initially meet and fall in love for...

Sun, Nov 22 - 5:00PM  Consolidated Mililani

찬실이는 복도 많지
South Korea 2019 | 95 min.
Spotlight on Korea | Drama, Romance, Self-discovery

After the sudden death of the director she worked with for many years, 40-something film producer Chan-sil is now unemployed. Jobless, moneyless, and unable to find work in her field, she begins to...

Nov 5th 10:00 AM - Nov 29th 11:45 PM  | ONLINE ACCESS

Germany 2020 | 90 min.
Panorama | Romance

The latest from Christian Petzold (TRANSIT), UNDINE is a modern day fairy tale that weaves together human drama with just the right amount of magical realism. The mysterious Undine, tells her...

Sun, Nov 15 - 2:00PM  Consolidated Olino

7 films/events
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